What is Otophonics ?

“Otophonics” is a word coined by a prefix “oto-” and “phonic”, which refer to the sounds our ears actually listening. “oto” also means “sound” in Japanese.

3D acoustic recording

There have been a number of trials ever done to record and re-play the sounds in the way we perceive it in the reality. For example, acoustic system for movie theater have been pursuing and improving to make the sounds as close as real, and Binaural recording succeeded in capture the sounds better than other recording techniques.
Otophonic sounds system is also one of the attempts to recreate the sounds as if we were actually listening in the reality. However, the main difference is that the technique also focuses on how our cognitive system process information in our brain for us to recognize the sounds, not only to trying to capture the sounds from outside as precisely as possible just as many of other trials, including Binaural recording, have been working on.
Otophonic sound system is not the first that takes our cognitive system into account in order to recreate very realistic sounds. The first one could be Holophonics technology invented by Dr. Hugo Zuccarelli , which showed remarkable achievement. However, the technique has still been concealed by the inventor himself and the details are uncovered.